What are the benefits of online advertising?

Advertising on the Internet is an indispensable marketing element of any company nowadays. Before planning the campaign, it is very important to get to know the benefits of the most popular types of online advertising.
The following diagrams are a great starting point to determine, which marketing activities bring most of profits.



Source: http://blog.custora.com/2013/06/e-commerce-customer-acquisition-snapshot/



Search Engine Optimization, which is known as SEO, is the most effective form of advertising on the Internet, according to research conducter by company Custor. Unlike discussed below AdWords, you need to wait for the results for quite a long time (approx. 3 months). But in the long run, costs per click are lower, and high position in Google results in measurable benefits. Also, unlike to AdWords, SEO campaign should be well planned from the beginning – any modifications may cause reduction of its effectiveness. In case of SEO, it is worth to hire an experienced agency or hire a specialist who knows, how algorithms Google work. The benefits investing in an SEO campaign can be seen after quite a long time, but without positioning it is almost impossible to exist on the Internet. With appropriate key words and creating content compatible with the requirements of Google, we are able to guarantee our company an increase of the number of visits on our site and gaining interest from people interested in our offer.

Google AdWords

Advertising campaign Pay Per Click (PCC) is a great advertising tool. Its advantage is, for sure, not very high cost and ease of planning and monitoring the effects. AdWords ads are displayed on the top of search results or on the right side of Google (text ads) as well as in graphical form on some websites. AdWords ads are displayed on top of search results or to the right side of Google (text ads) as well as in graphical form on some websites.Except the adventages of the payment system, an advantage is also a tool that allows us to analyze the market. Google provides us information about the most popular key words, so we are able to make a detailed analysis of our activities and modify them. Many specialists of internet marketing notes that Google AdWords is a perfect form of internet marketing at the beginning of the company development. Thanks to a high position in Google, we gain a lot of entrances, so you don’t have to wait for the effects of SEO until customers start to visit your website. Effects of AdWords campaigns are noticeable from the first day. According to a research of Custor company from 2013, PPC advertising is the second in terms of the effectiveness type of online advertising. The benefits of AdWords campaign is undoubtedly an increase of the number of visits on our website and the impact on greater recognition of our brand. Very important aspect of AdWords is also a user-friendly website, with simple layout and intuitive navigation.

E-mail marketing

According to diagrams above, it is easy to notice that the third most effective type of online advertising is e-mail marketing. Modern technologies allow to sens e-mails which are personalized and contain the recipient interesting content. By analyzing data available from Google AdWords, we are able to adjust the content of our message to a user of our site, so we can increase the opportunity of our products purchase. From year to year the effectiveness of e-mail marketing is growing thanks to evolving technologies. It’s a result of a fact that a message which has been sent to a potential client forces the reaction – rarely happens that our e-mail will be ignored, usually it must be opened and read, moved to the trash or considered as a SPAM. Well planned and led campaign allows us to assume that our message reached to the potential client and it will increase the chance of our products purchase. A benefit of this kind of campaign is that we reach our client directly, and thanks to modern tools we are able to adjust our message to a single client.

Social media

Diagrams above show that activities in social media are the least efficient. Does it mean that we can resign from the campaign in social media? First of all, we need to clarify wether or not our target group is present in social media. If not, it’s pointless to invest any money on this kind of activities. If yes, then we shoud consider this kind of investement. It is true that research shows that buying decisions are not taken by users when browsing the board on FB, but social media are a great PR tool. Also, it allowes us to get to know our target group better.


During planning an advertising campaign on the internet, we should remember that an important issue is to design a user-friendly website. User Experience standards may be very helpful when we select the layout and plan navigation on our website. Users entrence on our website is not a guarantee of purchase our products. A website with complicated navigation and unpleasent layout may unfortunately make the potential customer to leave before he even get to know our offer.

If you have any doubts regarding choosing appropriate marketing ads or you are not sure, how to align your website to current UX standards – contact us. Our specialists will help you plan an advertising campaign on the internet and create a user-friendly website design.